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5 Best Interactive Party Ideas

So you’ve been tasked with organising a party. You’ve already taken care of the venue, the food and your libations — the three things partygoers care about the most. But now you’re probably wondering what you can do to make sure your guests remember the experience. Depending on your personality, coming up with party ideas for a diverse group of people can either be a joy or a frustrating experience. 

Either way, we’ve got you covered with this list of five interactive party ideas that are sure to wow your guests.

1. Interactive Food and Drink Stations

Food and drink stations are pretty common at parties, so don’t expect to surprise people with these. But you can turn things up a notch by showing guests how to prepare their favourite beverages and party snacks. 

For afternoon parties, consider setting up a waffle or crepe bar where people can customise their toppings — this is sure to be a crowd-pleaser for people of all ages. Alternatively, you can shake things up at dinner events by holding cocktail-making classes led by a bartender. 

Interactive food and beverage stations offer an organic way for your guests to have fun while learning new skills that they can bring home. Think of it this way: you probably enjoy a Bloody Mary or Old Fashioned, but you’ve never bothered to make one at home — well, now you can. 

2. Set up a Personalised Swag Booth

Everyone loves getting free stuff, but only if it’s something they actually want. Corporate events are particularly notorious for providing giveaways that end up in the bin. After all, do you really need another thumb drive in your office drawer?

A better idea is to have a swag station where your guests can customise their corporate merch or party favours, whether it’s candles with custom scents, miniature spirits with custom labels or heat-pressed tote bags. You can even book a caricaturist to sketch fun portraits to help your guests remember your party. 

3. Host a Mini Gaming Tournament

If your guests are avid gamers, why not hold a mini gaming tournament with an exciting prize up for grabs? You simply need a TV large enough for people to see the action, a video-game console like the PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch and games for competitive matches. Depending on where you live, you may even have a gaming venue nearby, complete with the latest consoles, plush couches and big-screen TVs. 

Don’t have access to any of these things? Don’t worry, just ask your guests to download the game Among Us on their phones or computers to play an engaging murder-mystery game. This idea also works for virtual parties, which have become more common this year due to the coronavirus pandemic — you can still have genuine fun while adhering to social distancing guidelines

4. Book a Magician

You’re probably thinking: “A magician? What are we, kids?”

No, we’re talking about illusionists specialising in card tricks, mentalism and street magic — think the likes of David Blaine and Dynamo. Magic tricks aside, magicians are — more than anything — entertainers. They know how to play with audiences and keep them engaged by asking them to do something or answer questions as part of the act. 

If you have guests meeting for the first time, a magician can help break the ice naturally by getting strangers to participate in an activity. It’s a great way to help them get through awkward introductions. 

5. Have a Fitness Workshop

This may sound a bit “out there”, but fitness parties and events with undertones involving physical activity can be a huge hit with guests. You could, for instance, book a fitness studio for an hour or so of yoga, pilates or even a spin class. After the workshop, you can serve light refreshments in the same venue. You can also host a similar activity outdoors (weather permitting) to ensure social distancing.

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