5 team building activities to boost workplace performance

5 Mobile Bar Team Building Activities to Boost Performance

At the heart of every successful business is a team of hard-working employees. To get the most out of your workforce, it’s essential to boost their performance in any way you can — so the following mobile bar team building ideas may be exactly what you need. 

Although the term “team-building” can send a shudder down the spine of anyone who’s endured a particularly awkward or nightmarish attempt to help them bond with their colleagues, the concept of team-building to boost performance is highly effective — if it’s approached correctly.

For a team to work well together and benefit from each other’s strengths, it’s essential for them to bond and building stronger working relationships. Here are a few team-building ideas that can help.

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1. Cocktail Making Classes for Mobile bar

Of course, we’re going to start with the best item on the list. If you have an upcoming celebration or work party, it’s never a bad idea to turn it up a notch and show the troops their hard work is recognised.

Cocktail making classes may just seem like a fun addition to a party, but we’ve found they turn out to be one of the most organic and enjoyable team-building ideas.

Rather than opting for a “forced fun” activity that can end up being awkward for all involved, cocktail making classes are an ideal way to teach people a new skill they can use at home. This activity also allows them to enjoy a delicious drink, as well as implement a competitive aspect to make it more engaging for the entire group.

Don’t worry, if any of your employees aren’t drinkers, they can make an equally delicious mocktail while having a mobile bar hire.

 2. Escape Rooms

If you’re young enough to remember The Crystal Maze, then you’ll know the idea of escape rooms is by no means new — but in recent years it’s an activity that’s found a new level of success while having a drink with mobile bar.

While there are many different escape rooms out there to try, the basic idea is that a group of people are locked in a room and have to complete tasks or solve riddles to find keys — oh, and there’s a time limit. No Pressure! 

This environment forces people to work together while utilising their unique talents, much like in the workplace where teamwork is vital, but — in some instances — employees need to work well as individuals. 

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3. A Company Get-Away

Although this particular activity will require more in the way of a budget and organisation, a getaway is a treat and an opportunity to embrace several team-building ideas. Before you decide where and when you will go, involving everyone involved in the planning process instantly makes them feel valued and an essential part of the team.

The location depends on your budget, but popular choices include a domestic city-break, a weekend at a holiday park (such as Centre Parcs), or even a day trip to a nearby attraction like a theme park. 

4. Staff Quiz Night

Quiz nights are a very underrated choice as — unlike our previous activity — there’s no need to put a large budget aside. There’s also very little organise — apart from an awesome quiz, of course. If a local pub hosts a decent, regular pub quiz, then all you have to do is rally your employees and maybe pay for a few rounds.

If not, hosting your quiz at the office or a colleague’s house is an excellent way to improving workplace relationships — especially if you randomise teams so people can bond from multiple departments. Oh, and some competitive spirit is always an effective way to make the experience more engaging. 

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5. Monthly Team-Building Days

If you’re looking for team-building ideas you can easily carry out in the workplace, it’s safe to say you have plenty of options. A quick search online will provide you with a vast range of activities and games that require specific aspects of teamwork to complete with mobile bar hire.

These activities are a fantastic way of helping your team to develop group skills in a variety of areas — many of which are transferable to the workplace, and therefore provide the ideal way to boost performance.

Many businesses benefit from regular team-building days, once a month, for example. You don’t want to do it too often as it will become repetitive. It’s also a good idea to give yourself plenty of time to find activities that suit your team as well as challenge them. 

Are you looking for team-building ideas to boost workplace performance?

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