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6 Christmas at Home Party Ideas

It’s that time of the year once again when families around the country begin drawing up plans for their Christmas get-togethers. But we’re living in strange times and the year’s biggest party season will have to be different this time around. 

Planning for Christmas in 2020 requires paying extra attention to everyone’s health and safety. Fortunately, we can still hold Christmas parties in our homes with our families or support bubble. Following recommendations from the Government, we’ve put together a list of tips for celebrating a Christmas at home party. Check out these ideas to throw a festive (and safe) bash for your family. 

1. Put Up a Photo Booth

In this age of smartphone cameras, it’s not surprising that hardly anyone prints photos anymore. Setting up a photo booth gives your loved ones the perfect excuse to take and print photos of the Christmas festivities. You can rent a photo booth — which usually comes with a printer, camera and flash — or you can set one up yourself using a basic DSLR and tripod. For extra cheer, use a holiday-themed tablecloth as your backdrop and add some fun props to the mix, like candy canes and Santa beards and hats. 

2. Hold an Outdoor Movie Marathon

Bring the party outside and have an outdoor movie marathon. All you need is a projector screen (“a wall will do in a pinch”), a projector, laptop and speakers to play your favourite Christmas classics in your backyard. If you’re feeling fancy, you can even rent a popcorn machine. Just be sure to have plenty of throws, warm beverages and hand warmers if it’s particularly cold outside.

3. Put Together a Dessert Table

Let’s face it, Christmas is the season for indulging your sweet tooth. Biscuits, candy canes, gingerbread and pies — it’s all fair game this season. Whether you bake or buy your treats, placing them on elegant platters and trays will instantly elevate your spread. Be sure to have enough space in your dessert table for any treats that other people in your household might make or bring. 

4. Make It a Cheesy Christmas

Biscuits are great, but there’s something to be said about digging into a beautiful spread of cheddar, camembert, and gouda during Christmas. Tell your loved ones to bring their go-to cheese dishes, whether it’s classic mac and cheese, brief puffs, charcuterie, or flan cheesecake to name a few. Of course, what’s cheese without wine or cocktails, right?

5. Craft Festive Cocktails

Festive cocktails are always a crowd-pleaser at Christmas parties. Instead of your usual mulled wine, why not serve spiced cider or craft cocktails like Christmas gin and gingerbread lattes? Serve in cheerful cocktail tumblers and berries for that holiday flourish. 

6.  Go Out and See the Christmas Lights

Provided you and your loved ones can follow the ‘rule of six’ outdoors, why not hit the town to check out the Christmas lights and decorations? Go around on foot to enjoy the sights, take photos, and have yourself a merry time. You can then head back home for a midnight snack and warm drinks by the fireplace. 

While large gatherings are still a no-no, we’re eagerly awaiting the day when we can finally have “normal” parties with our friends and loved ones. When that day comes, we’ll be there to make your events and gatherings more special. 

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