If you’re looking for a unique and quirky way to spoil your hens, colleagues or guests, a cocktail class from Cocktails and Bar Events is the perfect option. Each 90-minute cocktail making class includes impressive demonstrations of how to make some of the world’s most famous cocktails and, of course, the chance to sample them!

Add a dash of cocktail history and shake things up a little with some fun group challenges and you’ll see why our cocktail classes are incredibly popular across London and the UK. Wherever you are, one of our expert mixologists will travel to you and deliver an unforgettable experience that’s full of fun, excitement and mouth-wateringly delicious drinks. Our travel costs depend on your location, and we charge a small deposit to secure your event.

Shake Things Up with a Cocktail Making Class

Impress your guests with entertainment that gets them involved, excited and a little tipsy! Our expert mixologists run our cocktail classes and love to get you involved. Your personal bartender will show you the science behind mixology and get hands-on with you and your guests to help you master some of the most famous and delicious cocktails.

There’s also no need to worry if you’ve never made a cocktail before! Our cocktail classes are specially designed for beginners and you’ll be blending liquors and mixers like a pro by the end. We have all the cocktail-making knowledge — we just need you to come excited and ready to learn (or just drink!)


Cocktail Making Classes for Team Building

This service is exclusively designed as a team-building event for corporate customers. This is a cocktail class for large groups of employees and is guaranteed to engage and motivate your team.

The cocktail class will get your team working together to create creative cocktails. We can even add a competitive element to really get the energy going!

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Our 90-Minute Cocktail Making Class Package


 A friendly and talented master mixologist

  A customized menu with your choice of up to three cocktails

 Impressive demonstrations of how to make some of the world’s most famous cocktails

 The chance to make and sample up to three different drinks

 Fascinating cocktail history lessons

 Fun group challenges

 Professional bartending tools, cocktail glassware, napkins, straws, stirrers and ice

 One-hour set up and break down

 Minimum of 4 hours services

What does our cocktail making class package include?

Our friendly and experienced bartender will come to your location and get everything ready for the class to begin. We’ll start by serving a welcome drink (included in the cost). Next, the class will begin! Our bartender will show you how to make up to three different cocktails from your custom menu. We’ll bring all of the ingredients you need, including mixers, plus a surprise gift for the winner!

Cocktail Making Classes -


 Your very own professional bartender

  Ingredients & mixers


 Professional bartending tools

 Cocktail glassware

 1 hour set up & break down

 All items such as napkins, straws, stirrers



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