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Classic Summer Cocktails We Serve At Corporate Events in London

When you are hosting your corporate events in London, serving scrumptious refreshments to your guests is a must! And our highly-skilled mixologists make sure that all your guests have delicious herby, fruity, and frozen drinks on their hands! With the perfect blend of premium-class rums, gins, vodkas and the flavours of the season like juicy peaches, mangoes, sweet watermelons, mints, and berries, our special cocktail recipes allow your guests to unwind at your event, having a wholesome experience ever! 

Our Summer Cocktail Menu For Corporate Events in London

Take a quick glance at the flavour some cocktails we have on our menu!

Classic Piña Colada

Every sip of the tropical cocktail drink, Piña Colada has magic and can keep your guests hooked into your event. We prepare the ingredients with our own hands to make the drink flavour-rich. 

After extracting the juice of slimly sweet and slimly sour pineapples and preparing cream of coconut, we combine both the ingredients with white rum, lime juice, and ice, gently shake them and serve with a wedge of cherry and pineapple on top! Each ingredient of the sweet, creamy, fruity cocktail holds its specific flavour, offering the guests a taste of pleasure.  

Classic Margarita

Margaritas add an element of elegance and excellence to corporate events. The clear, classy, and zingy drink is perfect for a sultry afternoon. Squeezing and mixing some lemon juice with orange-flavoured triple sec and tequila, we serve the classic Margarita in a salt-rimmed fine glass. The cocktail has a sweet, sour taste with a tangy undertone, making it all time favourite cocktail across the world!

Classic Mojito

Any corporate event in London is incomplete without the very exclusive Classic Mojito. The slightly sweet, tangy, and brisk drink is perfect for an open-air event. Our mixologist mixes white rum, a pinch of sugar, some soda water, lime juice, and a handful of mint leaves and muddles all the ingredients finely to release the refreshing flavours of lime and mint. The ingredients are very simple, but our bartenders make the drink special and luscious with their secret ingredients. 

Strawberry Vodka Cocktail

Do you have any special guest who loves strawberry? Make their day by serving our exclusive strawberry vodka cocktail! We use fresh strawberries, lime juice, sugar syrup, and vodka to prepare the special drink. Our mixologists gently muddle the berries to release flavour, shake it well, and strain it into a glass that tastes tangy, sweet, and very smooth. 

Red Sangria

Red Sangria a pure delightful drink made with brandy, savoury red wine, some soda water, orange juice and fresh seasonal fruits. To get the rich flavour of the drink, all the ingredients are mixed and left for several hours to sit so that all the flavours can meld together properly. That is why we prepare the drink only if ordered particularly.  The result is a sweet, slightly tart and refreshing cocktail that can become the show-stopper of the event!

Gin Basil Smash

The herbaceous, refreshing, tart-like taste cocktail is a common favourite of the London peeps and can take your corporate events in London to the next level if served with ice and love! The refreshing flavours of basil and lemon contrasted with the strong aroma and citrusy taste of gin elevate the party mood, whether it’s an evening party or an afternoon bash!

Watermelon Martini

If you are arranging a barbecue for your corporate party, Watermelon Martini can be the perfect cocktail to complement it! The fresh juicy watermelon is mingled with strong vodka and a splash of lemon juice, and served chilled in a fine martini glass!

Mango Margarita

We suggest everyone add our special Mango Margarita to their cocktail table. It’s delicious, makes your guests a little tipsy, and creates an amazing vibe! Blended with fresh mango puree, triple sec, lime juice, and the main ingredient tequila, our bartenders serve the drink with ice in a salt-rimmed glass with some mango cubes on the top!

Peach Bellini

The last yet most popular drink from our menu is Peach Bellini, which is a classic Italian cocktail made with juicy peach puree and Prosecco. We gently shake all the ingredients to fuse the flavours and serve them in a chilled champagne flute. 

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