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6 Creative Mixology Morale Boosters to Try in 2020

A happy team is a hard-working team, so it’s always beneficial to maintain a good spirit around the office with bar hire. Creative Mixology morale boosters offer the ideal solution for putting smiles on faces and ensuring your employees are motivated.

Morale is vital for a healthy and productive work environment. From time-to-time, it’s important to show your employees that being happy at work is a top priority. Creative morale boosters are a fantastic way to invest in your team’s happiness, increase motivation and provide an opportunity for colleagues to develop stronger relationships. 

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1. Monday Morning Coffee

Right now you’re probably thinking “I already have coffee on a Monday morning, how else would I function?”, but putting time aside right at the start of the week for employees to relax for a short period can be a huge benefit. The Monday blues can a genuine and unproductive way to start the week, so why not switch things up for a social and fun gathering. Doing so gives your team a chance to discuss their weekend, prepare themselves for the week ahead, and generally approach the day with a more positive attitude.

2. Group Exercise with Cocktail (Optional, of Course)

Exercise is beneficial for both your mind and body, making it a great way to boost morale in the workplace. This is the type of activity that should be optional, but there are many options to suit the needs of everyone in the office. For example, something as simple as going for a walk can be enough to burn some calories and return you to the office feeling uplifted. However, others find yoga advantageous for several reasons —  helping relaxation, focus and creativity, as well as improving posture and other hindrances that come with desk work. Plus, there are many poses you can do in a small space


3. Music and Morale Go Hand-In-Hand

One of the most simple and effective ways to increase morale and put some pep in the step of your employees is to play music. While this might not be suitable for some businesses who have a more corporate-style environment or spend a lot of time on the phone, for others, it can prove to be an excellent way to make the workplace more fun, engaging and 15% more productive. Creating a company Spotify account is a useful way of creating playlists suitable — but not distracting — for work. Giving your employees access to contribute their own choices will make this a fun bonding experience. 

4. Corporate Events Can Be Fun with Mixology

Corporate events have an unfortunate reputation for, well, being a bit too corporate and very boring. At Cocktails and Bar Events, we specialise in private bar hire and mixology bartending services for a vast range of occasions, including corporate events. If you have an upcoming work party or event and want to ensure it’s a jubilant affair, our mixologists can get the job done. Our mixologists are charming, knowledgeable and will create some of the best — nay, the best — cocktails you have ever tasted. Corporate events can be a brilliant team-building experience for employees, so it’s crucial to make sure everyone has a good time with a mobile bar

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5. Invest in Your Team’s Personal Development

Employees who feel recognised and valued as an asset to the company naturally exude good morale, confidence and a motivated mindset. It’s important to invest time and money into personal development as it allows people to grow as a professional and learn new skills. But it also benefits you because it increases the quality of your team and improves employee retention. One of the biggest morale killers is when employees feel expendable and believe their employer merely wants warm bodies to fill an office. So why not be the boss they will always remember and be thankful you invested in their career?

6. Organise Unique Team-Building Events

Team-building is crucial for uniting your employees, developing stronger relationships and breeding an environment where people can rely on one another. With that said, team-building events can be awkward and offputting if you don’t take the time to cater to your team’s needs and interests. If you have an upcoming event and want to incorporate a team-building aspect, why not opt for our cocktail making classes? They are a fun and engaging way to learn a new non-work skill and socialise with your colleagues. 

Our mixology cocktail making classes have proved to be creative morale boosters that bring something unique to the table (or bar, in this case). If your team is particularly fond of competitive activities, why not give out prizes for the best cocktails of the night? Also, if any attendees don’t drink or are a designated driver, there’s no reason they can’t create any equally as delicious mocktail.


Are you looking for a creative morale boosters to motivate your employees? Get in touch today to see how our professional mixologists can boost your team’s spirits, with spirits!

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