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Cocktails and Travel: Engaging Experiential Rewards for Employees

Experiential rewards for employees offer a more unique and engaging way for employers to demonstrate their appreciation with cocktails. If you’re looking to reward your employees but are struggling for ideas for something special, this blog post will help!

Employee rewards are an essential motivational tool that helps increase morale and ensures hard work receives the appropriate recognition. With that said, a poor choice of reward or something that demonstrates minimal consideration will have the opposite effect. While it may not be the case across the board, many of today’s employees prefer experiences or unique gifts, rather than money, which will soon be gone.

If you’re an employer who prefers experiential rewards for employees, this list will give you a few ideas to suit the needs and interests of your team. 

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A night of entertainment offers employees an ideal chance to blow off some steam while enjoying something more unique than your average night out. The style of entertainment you choose will depend on the interests of the employee(s) you are rewarding — so it’s a good idea to do some recon beforehand. Here are a few ideas to spark your imagination:

1) Stand-up comedy

2) Festival tickets

3) Tickets to a sports event

4) VIP access to see their favourite band


From time to time, the workplace or workload can make life very stressful — which is why experiential awards for employees that focus on relaxation can prove to be a grand success. Not only does this give employees some time to take a load off and reboot, but it also shows you recognise how stressful the life of an employee can be and want to reward them for their efforts. 

While every employee is unique and will have varying interests, the following are sure to provide a tranquil environment:

1) Spa day

2) Yoga retreat

3) Wine tasting

4) Solo or couples massage


Although this type of reward will require more in the way of a budget, travel-based incentives offer employees a unique and exciting experience — but they also demonstrate you are an employer who values your team’s time outside of the workplace. As we mentioned, the type of travel experience you can award will depend on the funds you have available. However, a vigilant search online will provide you with a range of locations — domestic and abroad — that suit both your needs and budget.

As this style of reward is somewhat more complicated than the average day out, you’ll need to take your time to ensure the location, travel arrangements and any other crucial aspects are suitable for the recipient. You’ll also want to find something they will definitely enjoy, rather than the cheapest option available. Doing so will show you have gone out of your way to show your appreciation for their hard work — and you’ve also taken the time to make sure the reward caters to their needs.

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Learning New Skills

One of the most significant benefits of experiential rewards for employees is giving them the platform to learn new skills. Whether these skills relate to their profession is irrelevant. That’s because the purpose of the reward is to provide avenues of creativity outside the workplace.  When it comes to learning new skills, there’s an endless list of potential activities that could engage your employees. Here are a variety of skill-based activities that are ideal experiential rewards for employees:

1) Cooking lessons

2) Craftsmanship skills (glass blowing, woodwork, etc.)

3) Wellness activities (yoga, pilates, meditation)

4) Adrenaline sports (e.g. surfing, rock climbing, paintball)

5) Embrace the arts (drawing, watercolour, creative writing lessons)

6) Cocktail making classes

If you are particularly interested in the latter, look no further than Cocktails and Bar Events’ cocktail making classes. Our 90-minute cocktail making classes include professional demonstrations for making some of the world’s most famous cocktails. Oh, and of course, there will be an opportunity to sample each delicious concoction.

Why Choose Cocktails and Bar Events?

If you’re on the lookout for experiential rewards for employees and think that cocktail making classes are a perfect choice and mobile bar hire, our professional mixologists offer an informative and engaging experience unlike any other. Our classes provide a fun environment to learn a new skill and also absorb some knowledge about the history of cocktails —  which can prove very appealing to employees who have a passion for delicious cocktails and the craft of making them. Also, it’ll be pretty handy to have an amateur mixologist in your team and utilise their skills at your next work party.

Are you looking for experiential rewards for your employees? Our cocktail making classes are a popular choice for special occasions, corporate events, but also as a fantastic treat for employees. Get in touch today to enquire about our bespoke cocktail making classes.

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