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4 Fun Mobile Bar Ideas for Employee Appreciation

Getting the most out of your employees is essential for business success. However, the first step is to recognize it’s a give and take relationship. Therefore, employee appreciation is crucial!

At Cocktails and Bar Events, we work with many different clients who need the perfect way to celebrate their employees’ successes and provide a fun way for them to blow off some steam. Our mobile bar hire service is the ideal choice as it can adapt to suit the needs of many different occasions and add something special to your plans.

Although employee appreciation week has just passed, that’s not an excuse to wait until next year to reward your team. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

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1. Go All-In for Your Next Work Party

It’s safe to say that work parties tend to be a hit or miss affair, and unfortunately, it’s often the latter. If you’re looking to make this year’s Christmas or Summer party one to remember, the addition of professional bar services and delicious cocktails is a fantastic way to do so.

As an employer, it’s your job to provide your team with a rewarding activity that not only allows them to blow off steam but also demonstrates you appreciate their hard work.

Offering the bare minimum in an attempt to save time and effort is not great for morale or future productivity. By opting for mobile bar hire, you’ll have several boxes ticked already and ensure that your next work party has a more bespoke feel to it.

2. Collaborative Corporate Events

Corporate events are a fantastic chance to promote your company and attract new business, but they are also a brilliant way to encourage team-building. One of the most effective forms of employee appreciation is giving your team more responsibility and showing you trust their decision making.

By including your employees in the planning process of your next corporate event, you will benefit massively from pooling ideas, as well as allow you and your team to bond throughout the entire process.

So, how does mobile bar hire fit into the equation? Well, every event is more fun with your tipple of choice in hand. By including a mobile bar, you instantly enhance the quality of your corporate event and provide your guests with a high-quality bar service.

Networking is a key aspect of any corporate event, so what better way to encourage good conversation than by getting the drinks flowing?

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3. Spontaneous Celebrations

Over each year, you always hope there will be many successful moments worth celebrating. Examples could include the completion of difficult projects, enjoying a particularly profitable quarter or landing that new client that could change your business.

Moments like this should be cherished and celebrated appropriately. Planning a spontaneous party to reward your employees is a wonderful gesture and brilliant way to encourage people to maintain the same level of hard work and even aim to increase their output.

When it comes to planning your chosen celebration, it’s crucial to think of ideas that will resonate with your team. But if you’re finding it difficult to think of something specific, putting together a simple evening where your team can relax, socialise and enjoy a few delicious drinks is always a solid option.

Depending on the size of your company, you may want to rearrange the office to make it more party-friendly, or you could also hire a larger venue for a more extravagant shindig.

4. Team Bonding Retreats with Mobile Bar Service

Team trips and retreats are the perfect opportunities for your team to escape the stresses and strains of the workplace and build stronger relationships with their colleagues.

The brilliant thing about this type of employee appreciation activity is the options are endless and there’s always something to accommodate your budget. For team’s who prefer a more activity-based experience, outdoor weekends or resorts such as Centre Parcs are always a good choice.

If you’re looking for something a bit more intimate and chilled, you could explore Airbnb for accommodation that’s big enough for your team and offers enough room for a social gathering. Combine this with mobile bar hire and you have quite the company retreat in the works!

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Are you looking for the perfect way to show employee appreciation? At Cocktails and Bar Events, we provide a range of outdoor bar hire services for many different styles of events. Get in touch today to see how we can make sure your event is one to remember.

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