How to Hire an Outdoor Bar for Your Summer Party

The most memorable summer parties are filled with fun, laughter and mouthwatering food and drink. You’re eager to delight your guests with the perfect tipple or two, so why not hire a mobile bar service and treat them to their favourite cocktails, mixers and beer? Our professional bartenders share their expert advice on how to hire the right outdoor bar for your summer party.

Why Hire an Outdoor Bar for Your Summer Party?

Hiring a professional bar allows you to serve your guests a delicious array of sparkling summer cocktails, beers, wines and soft drinks without the need to worry about topping up glasses, uncorking endless bottles or refilling ice trays. It’s surprisingly affordable to hire a mobile bar and bartender — especially if you opt for Cocktails & Bar Events’ cash bar hire service that allows guests to pay for their own drinks. Whatever the size and scale of your party, we can provide an affordable outdoor bar service that’ll delight your guests.

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Choosing the Right Outdoor Bar Hire Service

Many mobile bar hire services offer outdoor bars for hire that can be themed to suit the style of your garden party. A variety of options are available from wooden bar fronts to sleek stainless steel bar with LED lighting. When choosing between bar services, there are several details you’ll need to consider:

The Style of Bar You’d Like

Being outside, your bar will need to be covered to ensure service can continue should we experience the worst of the British weather. If your garden party is inside a marquee or outdoor structure, then weather protection will not be an issue. But if not you’re going to need a covered bar counter. 

Cocktails & Bar Events provide a wide range of covered bar counters suitable for garden parties. You can choose from LED bars, island-style bars, round bars or cocktail bars, all handled by a master mixologist who can craft mouthwatering cocktails.

The Personalisation Options Available

When you hire an outdoor bar from Cocktails & Bar Events, you’ll benefit from a wide range of personalisation options. You can specify everything from the colour of the cocktail napkins (should you wish to add these to your package) to the style of glass used for each drink — even the cocktails on your menu. Personalised menus can carry thoughtful messages and photos. We can also decorate your bar front with your choice of stylish accessories — including chalkboards, tealights, bunting and coasters.

The Type of Bar Service You Require

From a traditional bartender to a master mixologist or a flair bartender who mixes marvellous cocktails, there are several options available when it comes to bar service for your garden party. The choice of service that’s right for you will depend on your needs and budget.

 Bartender — A traditional bartender provides high-quality beer, wine and drink-making services.

 Cocktail Bartender — An expert at making mixed drinks and mouthwatering cocktails.

 Flair Bartenders — An expert mixologist who can perform fun, playful tricks while making your drinks. They can spin, shake, twist and stir the ingredients to perfection.

The Bar Hire Package That’s Right for You

Hiring an outdoor bar for your garden party is less expensive than you might think. There are a variety of options available when it comes to choosing the most affordable and appropriate package for your party.

 Cash Bar Hire — We provide professional bartending services and a fully stocked bar, and your guests purchase their own drinks. This portable bar hire package is great for outdoor weddings.

 Dry Bar and Bartender Hire — If you’d like to provide the drinks yourself, our bartenders can still take care of serving them. This package includes bar hire, accessories, glassware and bartending but does not include any alcohol.

 All-Inclusive Bar Hire — This package includes hire of a fully stocked portable bar that comes with all the equipment, drinks and cocktail bartending services you need — plus a personalised cocktail menu and unlimited drinks.

Finally, don’t forget to ensure that the practicalities will be taken care of on the day. You need a reliable mobile bar hire that includes all the elements you require for your event to be a success. Cocktails & Bar Events can set up and pack up within an hour. We will take care of everything, from preparing your personalised menu to hanging out the bunting!

For further advice on hiring a portable bar, give our friendly and knowledgeable bartenders a call. We’re always happy to provide potential clients with free, no-obligation advice on planning bar services for their parties. 

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