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How Do I Hire a Portable Bar for My Party? 3 Top Tips from Our Professional Bartenders

It’s your party and you want it to go off without a hitch. You’ve got the guest list complete and the cocktail menu sussed out but how do you find the best mobile bar service for your event?

Our professional bartenders share three top tips on how to hire the perfect portable bar service for your event.

Why Hire a Portable Bar for Your Party?

Hiring a portable bar is a surprisingly cost-effective way to cater for your party guests. Everyone can enjoy their favourite tipple without the need for you to source, stock and store hundreds of bottles.

Instead of worrying about topping up everyone’s glasses all night, you’re free to focus on your guests while the bartender looks after their drinks.

When it comes to hiring a portable bar for your event, our professional bartenders recommend that you consider the basics, details and extra..

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1. The Basics: Who, What, When and Where

The more information you can give about your party, the more relevant the quotes from bar hire companies will be. Try to prepare the following information in advance:

Who Is Going?

How many people will be attending your event? Consider the number of alcohol-drinking adults, adults who will not require alcohol and children attending your event. Quotes are often based on a fixed price-per-head so have these numbers ready.

What Sort of Party Is It?

Whether you are throwing a birthday party, a cocktail party or a sit-down dinner party, your mobile bar provider needs to know in order to recommend the right quantities and types of drinks, glasses and accessories.

When Is It?

Include the party date and start time, how long you have access to the venue before the party, how many hours you would like to receive bartending services for and how long there will be to clean up after the party before the venue shuts.

At Cocktails & Bar Events, we can set up and pack up within one hour. Where Is It? — Provide as many details as you can about the venue. Important info includes where the bar will be set up and the look and feel you need.

We’ll let you know how much space is required for the bar, and we can customize the bar with your event branding, logo or other design to fit the theme of your party. When you can provide details about the above, there’s one final question you need to answer.

How Much Do You Want to Spend? — If you already have a budget in mind for the overall package or per head, let the mobile bar company know.

There are many options when it comes to portable bar hire and a good mobile bar hire company will talk you through these based on your budget and requirements.

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2. The Details: What Type of Mobile Bar Service Do You Need?

Did you know that there are several different types of portable bar hire package available, and each has its own advantages? The most popular mobile bar hire packages from Cocktails & Bar Events include:

All-Inclusive Bar Hire

If you’d like everything taken care of for a fixed price per head, this is for you. Your portable bar arrives fully stocked with beer, wine, prosecco and soft drinks, this package is for you.

All-inclusive bar hire packages come with all the equipment, drinks and cocktail bartending services you need, plus a personalized cocktail menu and unlimited drinks. It’s the ultimate way to indulge your party guests!

Cash Bar Hire

Want a mobile bar hire without running up a massive drinks bill for your guests? With a cash bar hire, we provide professional bartending services and a fully stocked bar but your party guests purchase their own drinks.

This portable bar hire package is great for weddings.

Dry Bar and Bartender Hire

If you’d like to provide the drinks yourself but you’d appreciate help serving them, the dry bar and bartender hire option is perfect. This package includes bar hire, accessories, glassware and bartending but does not include any alcohol.

3. The Extras: Little Details Make a Big Difference

Are there particular drinks you’d like to serve at your party? What about glasses and accessories? By providing extra details about what you’d like, you and your guests will enjoy an even better service.

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Personalize Your Cocktail Menu

Many mobile bar hire services Cocktails & Bar Events included  will offer you the option to personalize your party cocktail menu. You can usually choose from classics like the Pina Colada and Mojito, as well as newer recipes, such as a delicious Bourbini.

Select Your Preferred Bartender Service

There are three different types of bartender service to choose from when hiring a portable bar for your party. The one you pick will ultimately depend on your needs and budget:

Bartenders — Bartenders provide beer, wine and drink-making services

Cocktail Bartenders — Cocktail bartenders are experts at making mixed drinks

Flair Bartenders — Flair bartenders offer entertainment as well as cocktail mixing.

They’ll perform fun and surprising tricks while making your drinks, which include spinning, shaking, twisting and stirring the ingredients to perfection.

Bolt-on Extra Bartender or Wait Staff Services

We recommend hiring multiple bartenders if you have more than 50 guests attending your event. You also have the option to bolt-on wait staff, who can provide table service.

It’s the perfect service for when you’re throwing a large function like a wedding or a special birthday celebration with a sit-down meal.

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Specify Which Glasses, Napkins and Accessories You’d Like to Hire

If you’re asking for wine and champagne to be included in your mobile bar hire, make sure that you’re happy with the champagne flutes and wine glasses being provided to your guests.

Finally, don’t forget to ask for napkins, cocktail sticks, stirrers and any other bar accessories you’d like included upfront to avoid disappointment on the day.

A good portable bar hire service like Cocktails & Bar Events, will discuss this with you upfront and make sure your mobile bar has everything you need.

For further advice on hiring a portable birthday party bar hire, give our friendly and knowledgeable bartenders a call.

We’re always happy to provide potential clients with free, no-obligation advice on planning bar services for their parties. Call us now on 07784482444 or email info@cocktailsandbarevents.co.uk

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