How to Choose a Mobile Bar Hire -

How to Choose a Mobile Bar Hire

So, how will you gonna choose the perfect mobile bar hire? Throwing a party is always great fun. However, organizing the event as such can be time-consuming and challenging. You will need some previous experience if you want to estimate correctly what to order and how to prepare the food and the drinks for your guests.

Add to this the challenge of offering the attendees pristine service and you’ll understand why, given a chance, most people prefer to hire a catering service and get a mobile bar hire service for their event.

If you decide to engage the services of a mobile bar company, you need to do your research and select the best option for the size and the nature of the event you were put in charge of. Here are the three criteria to guide you and will help you through the selection process:

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No matter the size of the event that you are organizing, make sure to hire a mobile bar company that has the necessary experience and the required equipment to tackle the event. This is more so the case if you are organizing an event with many attendees such as a wedding or a corporate shindig.

How can you learn if the company which you intend to hire has the necessary experience? Just check their website or social media profiles. You will probably find pictures of previous events and client testimonials. They are usually a pretty good indication of that company’s ability to cater for such an event.

Reviews and Testimonials

Some happy clients leave some reviews to express their gratitude for the quality of the service they have received. But unsatisfied clients are even more likely to leave a negative review in which to air their grievances. That is why you should check what people had to say about the mobile bar hire that you intend to employ.

Pay particular attention to what people had to say about the staff. People enjoy a party where the staff is not only polite and nice but also open to suggestions and ready to prepare something on demand.

Mobile cocktail bar companies employ professional bartenders who are ready to meet the customers’ demands on the spot and create bespoke drinks. Your guests will enjoy the luxury of having a professional prepare their drink of choice in no time.

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Get a quote through the contact form or give us a call to learn more about our customisable cocktail packages.


The last criterion you need to consider is, of course, the price, which in many cases is the decisive factor. If you consider whether is worth hiring a mobile bar, think of the costs involved in buying all the drinks and other cocktail ingredients and paraphernalia required to throw a successful party.

Most households or individuals don’t buy all the ingredients that are necessary to prepare bespoke cocktails for a multitude of guests. Likewise, most hosts, even when they boast some mixology talents, can’t compare to the skills brought in by a professional bartender.

Variety and skill are essential ingredients for a memorable drinks menu. Plus, most mobile bar hire companies offer different packages that suit different budgets, tastes, and event sizes.

Apply these criteria when you are making your choice of a mobile bar hire in London or the UK. Consider all the advantages that delegating will bring you: freedom to enjoy the company of your colleagues, friends, and family; a variety of ingredients and the luxury of getting customized drinks; having a professional bartender attend to your guests, ready to prepare bespoke cocktails for them.

Plus, a bar hire company will provide all the required equipment for preparing the drinks. Apply the criteria above and choose the mobile bar that will fuel your next party. Contact today.

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