workers celebrating at a christmas party, this is one way to improve employee engagement this christmas.

How Mobile Bar Hire Ideas Will Improve Employee Engagement This Christmas

Employees are the heart and soul of any company, so how they feel about the business they work for and the people they work with are essential for morale and productivity.

In this post, we’ll highlight a few ways to improve employee engagement and how our services can help you motivate employees and keep them engaged during the post-Christmas slump with mobile bar hire party?

Christmas is right around the corner and, no doubt, next Christmas will come around just as quickly. The festive season is a time to be jolly and enjoy some well-earned time off, but for business owners, it’s a vital opportunity to both engage and reward your employees.

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Every business is different. Some prefer to throw a party or go for a meal, whereas others settle for something small and personal, such as Secret Santa. At Cocktails and Bar Events, we offer a vast range of services and have had the pleasure to work with many different companies — here are a few things we picked up on along the way.

Go the Extra Mile With Mobile Bar Hire

Although this may sound obvious, it’s definitely something all business owners should keep in mind for important holidays such as Christmas. Not only is it “the festive season”, but it also represents the end of the calendar year.

By going the extra mile now by thinking creatively, like enjoying with mobile bar hire, your employees will head into the new year knowing that you value their hard work and will be raring to go when they return to their desks once the festivities are over. 

Unfortunately, Christmas parties can often be somewhat of a chore. This won’t be the case if you opt for a Corporate Bar Event with us. Every aspect of your party, from the aesthetic and drinks to the style of service, will suit your needs and budget. If you’re looking for something casual, we can help.

Planning a Gatsby-style party? Not a problem; we’re more than happy to accommodate you. 

Improve Employee Engagement with Engaging Activities

An office mobile bar hire party is an ideal time to let your hair down and prepare for a few weeks of time off. Some people may want to do nothing more than have a few drinks, but if you’re looking to improve employee engagement, providing engaging activities will be hugely beneficial.

This doesn’t mean you have to sign everyone up for a Christmas-themed skydive to get their attention, but activities that make a party more enjoyable are bound to go down well. 

For instance, our cocktail making classes have been particularly popular with our corporate clients, as they encourage employees to be engaged and hands-on. They’re not just sitting around a table waiting for the time they can get away without it being considered rude — they’re having a good time and won’t want the night to end!

Because our cocktail classes also teach employees a new skill, one they might want to continue to develop, if ever they host their own party, their guests will be mightily impressed by their newfound cocktail-making abilities. Just warn them not to go too crazy trying to throw bottles in the air just yet. 

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Celebrate Their Achievements With Mobile Bar Hire

When you make a continued effort to improve employee engagement, the impact can be huge. What better time to celebrate the achievements and success your team has achieved over the course of the year than at the end of it?

Feeling unappreciated by the company you work can have devastating effects, leaving employees dreading their commute to work every day, and it can also lead to dips in productivity, increased sick days and burnout, which all cost your business money. To improve employee engagement, it’s crucial for your team to feel respected.

Knowing they are respected and valued makes them more likely to share your company ambitions and ideology and actively work towards achieving your business’s long-term goals, making for a happy environment and profitable business.

Such recognition can come in many forms. Sometimes, all it takes is a speech by the boss or managers that highlights the hard work and individual achievements of departments and employees.

If you want to step things up a notch or two, why not host your own mini award ceremony, complete with bartending service and some fancy cocktails to hire a mobile bar?

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Discuss the Arrangements with Your Team

For many businesses, the gulf between employees and management can have short and long-term effects on the workplace environment. To improve employee engagement, it’s important for them to feel equal — or at least be part of the conversation — as much as possible.

Christmas is an ideal opportunity to make company decisions, and while you may not be asking for help with budget decisions in the lead up to the new financial year, you can still give employees the genuine input they crave. 

If you’re planning a party or other celebrations, open the floor to your employees and come up with a plan that everyone is happy with like suggesting for mobile bar hire. There’s nothing worse than the “forced fun” Christmas party that’s jam-packed with dreaded ice-breaker activities that few enjoy.

By including as many people in the planning stages of your big Christmas event, you demonstrate that you value your employees and their opinions. 

Are you looking to improve employee engagement this Christmas? Cocktails and Bar Events can provide everything you need for an unforgettable corporate party or event. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements for christmas party bar hire and find out how we can help you to achieve your goals.

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