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Make the Perfect Alcoholic Mobile Bar Party Punch for a Crowd

Alcoholic Mobile Bar party punch for a crowd is a quick and easy way to provide your guests with a continual flow of self serve drinks.

Drinking punch at parties is an age-old tradition that is enjoyed by adults and children — there are many delicious alcohol-free versions. If you have an upcoming event or party and want to impress your guests, introduce a “watercooler” of sorts with an alcoholic party punch for a crowd!

Below we’ll provide a few tips for making the perfect alcoholic party punch.

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Do Your Recipe Research

The first and most important step of making your party punch is researching recipes. Fortunately, the internet is an absolute gold mine for food and drink recipes. Whether you’re looking for something that requires minimal preparation and expertise or a more advanced recipe to challenge yourself, you won’t struggle to find something that suits your needs.

While you could throw together a bunch of booze and fruity mixers, this could result in a concoction that looks (and tastes) like it was made for a student party. Most people have endured an “improvised” punch, and it’s safe to say it’s not something you forget in a hurry.

Make a Big Batch and Chill with Mobile bar

Whether you’re planning an extravagant party or a casual gathering, preparation is crucial if you want to minimize stress and enjoy the experience. When you make your party punch, it’s a great idea to make a big batch (or multiple batches) and allow an ample amount of time for it to chill. Your guests will definitely prefer a refreshing cold glass of punch from your mobile bar to one that is lukewarm.

It can be tricky getting the balance of ingredients and measurements right when making big batches — which is essential for a pleasant taste. So, it’s a good idea to check out some big batch punch recipes online to give you an idea of how much alcohol and juice you’ll need to get things just right. 

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Make Life as Easy as Possible for Your Guests

One of the top benefits of serving party punch is that it instantly makes your gathering a more enjoyable and memorable experience. It provides a refreshing change from the standard can of beer or whatever beverage of choice your guests brought with them. To make sure that your punch is a big hit, make it as accessible and easy to serve as possible.

This means you will need to have the appropriate equipment (punch bowl, ladle, enough glasses for all your guests, etc.). By making an effort to be prepared, you’ll be able to enjoy the party rather than having to worry about serving drinks all night long. Also, making it easy for your guests to serve themselves drinks ensures that they have more than enough time to socialize.

Call in the Professionals

If you’re planning for an event, party or another special occasion, private mobile bar hire is a fantastic way to make it a special and memorable affair. Having professional bartenders on-hand to prepare and serve drinks gives you and your guests as much time as possible to mingle and make the most of the party. 

At Cocktails and Bar Events, we provide mobile bar hire and private bar hire services for a vast range of events and special occasions. Our team of experienced, skilled and charismatic bartenders inject a sense of class and excitement that ensures your party is one to remember.

Do you have an upcoming event or party and want to do something special for your guests? Get in touch today to discuss your private bar hire requirements!

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