Hire a Bar for Your Cocktail Parties & Corporate Events in London

At Cocktails and Bar Events, we offer mobile bar hire in London for intimate cocktail parties, weddings, large festivals and corporate events bars. Our mobile bars are equipped and ready to cater to any event, whether indoor or outdoor. We tailor our services to fit your needs and have a range of options across all our mobile bar hires.

We understand how important it is that your mobile cocktail bar is fully stocked and well-tended, as well as that it blends beautifully with the theme, decor and location of your event. That’s why one of our specialists will take the time to fully understand your requirements, location and budget before recommending a personalised bar set-up.


Mobile Bar Hire London -
Mobile Bar Hire London -

All-Inclusive Event Bar Hire

Our all-inclusive options allow you and your guests to mingle and enjoy yourselves while we keep the drinks flowing — providing attendees with a more effective platform to network. The bar will be fully-stocked with premium spirits, liqueurs, prosecco, wine, beer and quality juices. We can also provide non-alcoholic cocktails to accommodate all your guests. Get in touch with us today to discuss your business’s requirements and we’ll create a bespoke corporate bar hire service package to suit your needs and budget.

This package is suitable for groups of more than 40 people. We can provide a custom menu if you have a particular theme in mind or want to handpick the cocktails. You can also hire a flair bartender for extra entertainment. When booking our all-inclusive bar package, you will pay a one-off fee based on the number of people attending and the cocktails you choose. Our travel costs are based on your location, and we charge a small deposit to secure your event.

Mobile Bar Hire London -
Mobile Bar Hire London -

Cash Bar Hire

With our cash bar, we’ll provide the drinks and the professional bartenders, but we’ll charge your guests for each drink, so you don’t have to worry about running up a tab. Our drink prices are competitive and your guests will be swooning over our bartender’s flash cocktail-making skills.

Cash bar hire is an ideal option for weddings and private events. We fully stock the bar and provide a friendly and professional team of mixologists, as well as mobile bar equipment, glassware and ice. We can brand our cocktail bars with your company logo or message and provide non-alcoholic cocktails. We always customise our service to fit your wishes.

Mobile Bar Hire London -
Mobile Bar Hire London -

Bar Revenue Share

This service is excellent for balls, festivals and awards ceremonies. We pay, you earn. We will cover all the costs of this service, and you will receive 20% of all commission from sales.

We fully stock the bar with premium spirits, liqueurs, prosecco, wine, beer and quality juices. Non-alcoholic cocktails can also be provided.

This bar service comes with a friendly and professional team, mobile bar equipment, glassware and ice. Our cocktail bars can be branded with your company logo or message. We always customise our service to fit your wishes.

Our travel costs are not always included depending on your location.

Mobile Bar Hire London -
Mobile Bar Hire London -

Dry Bar & Staff Hire

With our dry bar and staff hire service, you provide the alcohol and we provide the bar and bartenders to serve in style. Our flair bartenders will wow you with their impressive cocktail-making skills and keep your guests entertained.

Our dry bar and staff hire service are perfect for private events. We recommend one bartender for every 40 guests. Our cocktail bars can be branded with your company logo or message. We always customise our service to fit your wishes.

Our travel costs are not always included, depending on your location.



Don’t just take our word for it. Read theirs!

How Does Mobile Bar Hire London Work?

If you are looking for a customized bar that can be moved around, then mobile bar hire might just do the trick. This is perfect if your event or party needs changes in location due to space constraints – there’s no need of worrying about finding an available venue when all we know how plan ahead! In fact London has many bars and clubs who cater specifically this mobile bar hire service so it’ll definitely fit any budget as well.

How Much Does Wedding Mobile Bar Hire Cost in London?

It’s no secret that planning a wedding is expensive. From the food to entertainment and even drinks, you’ll find yourself spending more than anticipated on your big day! One of these costs? Alcohol- which can be why so many couples are professional bar service for their celebrations instead. Not only does this save money in total cost per head; it also ensures everyone has an enjoyable time enjoying these savings together as well!

What Types of Events Does Mobile Bar Hire Cater?

Mobile Bar Hire: Why not host your next event with us? We have the perfect mobile bar services for you! Our mobile bars are fully licensed and insured, so whatever type of occasion it is that you’re looking to celebrate at home or onsite – we can help. Whether its an intimate dinner party up in size from friends & family members only; if there’s more than 25 people attending then contact one these guys because they’ll be happy (and relieved) make sure everyone gets their drink on – no matter how many drinks per person seems like enough…we got this covered 😉

Can I Hire a Mobile Bar For Any Types of Occasion in London?

What’s more perfect than a great drink on the go? We can think of nothing. And if you’re looking for an unforgettable experience at your next special occasion, then why not try mobile bar services! With so many packages and options available – we have something that will suit any budget or event size perfectly (even weddings!). You won’t find better service anywhere else: just give us call today to see how much fun this could be in store when it comes time make those plans happen soon enough.

What Are The Different Types of Mobile Bar Hire in London?

Portable Bar: Our portable bars are like a pop up bar and is the perfect solution for any type of event. They can be set up in minutes and taken with you wherever your adventure takes her!

Cocktail Bar: We offer an extensive range of bar services for any occasion, including personalized high quality cocktails tailored just to you! With our professional bartenders behind the stick and years in experience crafting signature drinks – we guarantee that no one else can deliver quite like us.

Wine Bar: Our wine bars are the perfect place to hosts a corporate event, private parties or any elegant event, with a wide selection of red and white wines available. We also have champagne or prosecco for those who want something more bubbly!

Beer Bar: Our beer bars are great for any occasion and come complete with all of the necessary equipment. We offer a variety beers, ciders or ales so you’ll find something to satisfy everyone in your party!

Why You Should Check For Drinks Prices on Mobile Bar Hire?

Mobile bar hire is a great option for any event. The right price can make all the difference in whether or not it’s worth your time and money, so be sure to check out our prices before booking! We offer competitive packages with discounts if you book more than one service at once- talk about an unbeatable deal!”

You may not realize it, but booking a mobile bar for your event is one of the best ways to save money. We’re confident you’ll be impressed with our prices and packages when compared against other companies in town! Give us call or send an email today-we have friendly experts waiting on standby who want nothing more than help making sure that all parties involved are satisfied customers too!”

It is essential to consider the size of the event you are holding. If you are only hosting a small gathering, you may not need to hire a sizeable mobile bar. However, if you are hosting a large-scale event, you will need to consider hiring a larger mobile bar to accommodate all of your guests. Secondly, you need to think about the location of your event. If you are holding your event in a public area, you need to ensure that the mobile bar company you choose has a license to operate in that area.

How to Choose Mobile Bar Hire in London?

Hiring a mobile bar or cocktail bar for your next event will make sure that all our guests has an enjoyable time. You should consider what kind of gathering you’re hosting and whether or not it’s necessary to hire one, depending on how many guests come over from out-of town as well as where in particular the venue may be located so they can find parking near by without worrying about driving too far away when there are limited spaces available nearby due access restrictions if any third party properties along side roadways within proximity distance limitations whatsoever exist which could affect accessibility.

Why Hire a Mobile Bar in London For Your Wedding?

Why you need a mobile bar for your wedding?

A few of the most popular reasons why people book mobile bars are because it’s portable, as well as providing an exciting twist on tradition. There is something about having live music playing at your special day that makes everything seem more alive and therefore memorable – which means everyone will be talking! It can also give off those ‘special touches’ we all look out specifically when celebrating these events with all our guests who have come from near or far away just to share this moment together; I’m sure they won’t regret missing any part in making their trip worth while by being able to experience the best cocktail bar in London.

Why Mobile Bar Hire is Popular?

If you’re looking for an affordable, flexible pop up bar or mobile bar hire services that can be set up in minutes and offer drinks to fit everyone’s tastes then there is no better choice than mobile bars. You’ll find them at Cocktails & Bar Events – we have experience working with weddings as well corporate event so please let us help plan yours too!

Mobile bar companies create high quality cocktails based on what customers request from start-to-finish. The Bartender on call will create custom cocktails for your pop up bar and even mix up something special just in case someone doesn’t like their beer or wine! Mobile bars offer affordable packages that can be set up quickly, so there is no need worry about waiting around until the last minute before opening proceedings – we’ve got everything covered from start-to-finish with our experienced staff ready 24/7 should any problems arise during planning stages.

What Are The Benefits of a Mobile Bar Hire?

Hiring mobile bars can be an excellent way to celebrate any special occasion. They are not only entertaining, but also add some extra excitement and flavor for your guests! There are plenty of reasons to hire mobile bars for your next party or event. The first is that it can add an exciting new element and keep guests entertained, hydrated & happy! You might also want this as one way you could support mobile bar companies in need like ours – we specialize only on providing great service at affordable rates so everyone has access our services no matter what their budget may be . And lastly ,a lot people find them very entertaining which will make any celebration even better ! If these sound interesting then don’t hesitate; call today because there’s always space available.

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