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Outdoor Party Ideas for Autumn and Winter in 2020

Long days, light evening breezes and drinks in your garden — these are just a few of the things that make outdoor parties so much fun during the summer. But just because temperatures have dropped and the days have gotten shorter, doesn’t mean you should stop having fun outdoors.

With autumn in the air and winter fast approaching, now is as good a time as any to plan an outdoor family gathering before the year ends. With COVID-19 forcing us to stay at home and close to our families, many of us have naturally come to appreciate being able to have small outdoor gatherings in our back gardens.

We’ve put together a few simple outdoor party ideas that you and your loved ones can try in the comfort of your homes.

Winterise Your Back Garden

If you want to spend more than a few minutes outdoors, you’re going to need to winterise your back garden to keep everyone comfortable. Consider putting up an outdoor tent if the forecast tells you to prepare for light showers. It’s also a good idea to rent a fire pit (if you don’t already have one) so you and your loved ones can gather around a crackling fire while sipping on warm drinks. 

Other ideas to make your outdoor space more comfortable include hand warmers, warm throws, wearable blankets and outdoor heaters. To add a touch of hygge to your party, put up string lights and pillar candles near tables and seating areas. 

Throw a Cider Tasting Party

With brewery tours and vineyard hopping out of the question, why not bring the experience to your home, but with a twist? Consider hosting a cider tasting party in your back garden and ask each guest or family member to bring a bottle of cider with them. 

Better yet, talk to your local bottle shop and have them suggest heirloom ciders for your party. You can even choose ciders from specific regions in France or the Basque Country to give your little get-together a unique theme. For blind tasting, cover the labels with paper and mark them with numbers. You can also mix things up by making cocktails with cider as your primary ingredient.

Bring Out the S’mores

Who are we kidding? No outdoor party with a bonfire or fire pit would be complete without s’mores. A s’mores party is sure to be a crowd-pleaser for kids and kids at heart. Pair it with hot cocoa, hot toddies or freshly baked bread and pastries, and you’ve got yourself a fun night for everyone.

Host an Outdoor Movie Night

Drive-in cinemas have made a huge comeback during the pandemic. Why not bring the experience home by setting up an outdoor cinema in your back garden? All you need is a projector screen (or a blank wall or white blanket), a portable projector, a laptop and Bluetooth speakers to set things up. 

You can then put on your favourite horror film, a rom-com or a classic Christmas flick. To turn things up a notch, you can also serve classic cinema fare, such as popcorn, candy and soda. 

Hold a DIY Crafting Party

If your family and guests are the crafty sort, then a day of crafting is sure to bring them together. You can go to your nearest park to gather fallen leaves, pebbles and sticks, using them to create DIY crafts in your back garden. Be sure to set up crafting stations with glue, scissors, paper and other supplies.

When things get back to normal, we hope to be there with you to make your outdoor parties even more special. We can bring a mobile bar to your outdoor party, complete with cocktails, a professional bartender and glassware. Get in touch with our mobile-bar and cocktail experts today.

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