The Age of the Wedding Bar -

The Age of the Wedding Bar

The wedding bar is an indispensable feature of any wedding reception. It’s the fuel that keeps the party going and it reflects the couple’s tastes and personalities. People gather around a well-stocked bar and are curious to try new drinks that reflect the theme of the wedding or tell a story from the life of the happy couple.

Many couples choose to have his and hers cocktails, which often are specially crafted for them by professional bartenders who manage to convey some of their personalities and their stories through sophisticated concoctions. If you want to add that special touch to your upcoming nuptials, consider getting a wedding bar hire and have professionals take care of your wedding drinks.

Because it’s summer and the shadow of the pandemic is still looming over us, having the wedding reception outdoors is probably still the wisest option. That’s why we are proposing three cocktail options that match perfectly with three wedding themes that are very popular in the summer: the Boho Wedding, the Garden Party Wedding, and the Beach Wedding.

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The Boho Wedding

The boho style started to become popular in the 2000s, particularly in home decor and fashion. When it comes to weddings, you can have an all-out boho-themed wedding or just add that romantic boho touch to the celebration. That slight nod to a bygone era that is the essence of the boho style can be a personalized cocktail.

We propose a Rosemary and Thyme Prosecco Cocktailthat captures perfectly the floral and vintage vibe of a boho wedding. To make it, you need the leaves of 2 thyme sprigs, the leaves of 2 rosemary springs, 50 ml Cointreau, 150 ml orange juice, 330 ml dry prosecco, and ice.

To prepare it, you start by mixing the Cointreau, orange juice, and prosecco into a large jug. Add the leaves into the mix and stir gently. Strain into 4 glasses of champagne saucers, add the ice cubes, and serve.

Don’t forget about the decor. Give the wedding bar a vintage style by hanging flower garlands and decorating it with antique vases and glassware. Likewise, don’t forget to serve your boho wedding cocktail in vintage glassware, such as a crystal champagne saucer.

The Garden Party Wedding

Garden settings are ideal for a summer wedding. Nature itself provides romantic decor while guests enjoy dining and wining al fresco. For this botanical set-up, we propose a floral cocktail. Depending on your wedding location you can add a regional touch to the concoction, by adding a bitter or a floral liqueur that is specific to that region.

For a summer English wedding, try an Elderflower and Champagne Cocktail. It’s fresh and sparkly and evokes the scent of an English summer. To make it, you need 1 dash of elderflower cordial, 25 ml gin, 25 ml tonic water, a few dashes of lemon bitters, and champagne.

Pour the elderflower cordial into a champagne goblet, add the gin, tonic water, and lemon bitters. Top it with chilled champagne and serve. As usual, the decor of the wedding bar should reflect the wedding theme. Make as much as possible of the surroundings and integrate the flower beds and trees into the set-up.

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The Beach Wedding

The seashore is another sought-after option for a summer wedding. Usually, beach weddings are for more laid-back couples who sort of just go with the flow. To sort out the logistics and keep on the relaxed vibe, you can opt for setting up a DIY cocktail station for your beach wedding. Your guests can get creative with their drinks and enjoy your wedding in a unique way.

Likewise, the couple can set the tone and propose their own customized versions of his and hers cocktails. Plus, a DIY cocktail station allows everyone to be creative, including the teetotalers invited to your wedding. Make sure that the drink station is stocked with juices, fruits, and herbs that they can have fun with while preparing alcohol-free cocktails.

It would be ideal if this entire creative enterprise was assisted by the services of a professional bartender, who can advise and help your guests to prepare their own drinks.

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Why Wedding Bar Hire?

A mobile bar is essential for several reasons at your wedding. To begin with, it lends the occasion a hint of class and refinement. The second benefit is that it provides a large drink menu for your guests to choose from, which includes cocktails, welcome drinks, wine, beer, and non-alcoholic beverages.

Third, you may create a mobile bar for your wedding that embodies your individual identities as a couple. Fourth, adding beauty and sophistication to your wedding on a budget can be done by renting a wedding mobile bar. And finally, it is necessary for any occasion where alcohol will be served.

Get in touch and learn more about the options available for our wedding mobile bar hire.

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