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Make Your Event Memorable By Hiring Our Bartender for house party

Are you hosting a housewarming party and planning to do something unique to stand out from the crowd? Hire our bartender for house party and keep your guests hooked on your event! We serve luscious cocktail drinks at your special event and let your guests party hard! At Cocktail Bars and Events, we are more than bartenders and mixologists, we are the key to a successful, entertaining and memorable party. Whether you want to serve your guests savoury cocktails, and non-alcoholic drinks or arrange a signature cocktail-of-the-day recipe tailored to your event, we got you covered! 

Moreover, we offer different cocktail service packages: Silver Package, Gold Package, Platinum Package, Diamond Package to fit different needs and budgets! Our Bartenders are friendly, courteous, and polite with excellent cocktail juggling skills who can make your special event one-of-a-kind.   

A Glance Into Different Cocktail Recipes Our Bartender for House Party Prepares

Our mixologists are trained with different bartending skills and have extensive knowledge of cocktails and serve the bet-fit drinks that go well with the meal. From classic cocktails like Manhattan, and Martini to the most trendy tropical drinks like Pina Colada, Margarita and Mai Tai, with our bartender for house party, you can welcome your guests with the most popular choices in cocktails. 

In case you are throwing your party in summer, our very special Moscow Mule and Gin can be the perfect drink to chill your guests. Also, our secret Hot toddy recipe can keep your guests warm and cosy when the temperature drops down. And not to mention, we serve a wide range of mocktail drinks for your non-alcoholic guests! Well, keeping apart these traditional drinks, our mixologists create their own personalised cocktail recipes using a combination of juices, syrups, vodkas, whiskeys, and garnishes! 

Or you can choose to customise your drinks to match your party theme, we are happy to serve you in every way! So if you want to hire a cocktail bar at home to create a fun atmosphere, we are your No 1 choice!

How Cocktail Bars And Events Can Elevate Your Party’s Mood & Vibe 

Bartending is more than just mixing and serving cocktails, it’s about making merry, and creating an unforgettable experience for your guests, and our bartender for house party puts together exactly what you are looking for! With multiple years of experience, our highly-skilled and amiable bartenders make your guests feel special with personalised service and create a welcoming ambience. 

Prompt Response:  Our bartenders are very attentive and responsive to your guests’ specific needs. Be it greeting them with a smile, listening to their preference for drinks to suggesting them the best drink they can have, our professionals leave no way left to make your guests feel special. 

Customised Drink Menu: To bring on the partying mood, we create a unique drink experience for your guests where we serve a personalised drink menu. With secret ingredients and special techniques, we prepare top-notch drinks that your guests would have never tasted before! 

Brilliant Cocktail Juggling Skills: Besides excelling in the mixing game, our bartenders have outstanding cocktail juggling skills. They keep your guests entertained and amused throughout the time by flipping, tossing, and spinning the shakers and bottles in the air while preparing the lip-smacking cocktail drinks.  

Timely Arrival: We understand the value of your time and arrive at your party venue before your guests to serve them a memorable evening!

What Makes Us Your Best Choice?

At Cocktails Bars and Events, We offer a complete mobile bar solution with excellent customer service. We are affordable, reliable, and trustworthy. Besides, our mobile bar is nicely decorated with eye-catchy LED lights, adding a premium look to your event. 

With unlimited drinks, a fully stocked bar, incredible welcome drinks, friendly and trained staff, and secured contact-less payment gateways we are your safe bet to create a picture-perfect event! 
In short, our bartender for house party can level up your party, leaving no room for complaint. Whether you need a corporate bar hire, wedding bar hire, cocktail bar hire, birthday party bar hire, outdoor bar hire, or Christmas party bar hire, we are up for all!

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